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Where the potential spillage is of a larger volume use Budget Waste Waste Management Industrial spill kits to clean-up. These high quality kits use a GRP container with a lockable lid and gas struts to keep the lid open when using the kit. Choose the kit that best suits your needs from 350L to 1000L knowing that the PPE, absorbents and equipment will help you complete your clean-up quickly and efficiently.


Bin Spill Kits

Easily clean-up and ACID, OIL or CHEMICAL spill with our universal absorbent material. No need for three different bags of absorbents as our absorbent is suitable for all hazardous waste spills. These SPILL KITS come in a 120L and 240L option. Get one for your forecourt today.



Cleaning Solutions is well versed in degreasers and cleaning agents. We provide large-scale services for all your industrial cleaning needs. From Warehouse Floor Cleaning, Foam degreasing, Acid Cleaning and Bund areas to heavy duty degreasing, pipe cleaning, line cleaning and more, we have capacity to take on the more Specialized Industrial Cleaning Contracts.

Disinfection Service

Sanitation Cleaning

In the current environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to maintain a high standard of workplace hygiene and santise the environment, especially after someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Our staff are highly trained in decontamination and sanitation procedures and wear appropriate PPC wear. Surface disinfection is done with a 90% alcohol solution. We use a Fogging Machine when needed for disinfecting.

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Budget Waste is a proud member of Institute of Waste Management South Africa (IWMSA) as well as the Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA) and is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor (2016)


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